College Questions….?

College Questions….?
Ok so first of all if I go to a community college first, do I need to take the SAT/ACT? And also when applying do community colleges require letters of recommendation and essays? Additionally, how do you list out your community service hours? Like do you need to put the person’s phone number for reference or do you get a signature or what? And what would be the best for me to major in (I want to become a dentist)…should I major in something science-related like biology?

Community colleges don’t need ACT/SAT scores because you have to take a College Accuplacer Test or CAT to be placed in classes, the exam tests you on your proficiency in English, Arithmetic, Algebra, and College lever math–also, you do not need much from high school to attend community college except proof of your graduation.

If you want to become a dentist, you should first start out by making a plan. Meet with your college counselors after you have taken the accuplacer test. They will help you select classes. In addition, I’d recommend that you do not stay at community college for too long, at most 2 years to complete your generals or AA degree.

Once you complete some generals, you should transfer to a public University so that you can finish your bachelor’s degree in some medical field or pre-med, pre-dental, or something in that manner. Once you do that, you should apply for med school or dental school.

Remember, its very important to stay motivated in college and not lost your focus in your future. Also Remember its important to earn good grades, that comes through preparation and studying because 80 percent of college is tests.

And some classes you should take, I’d recommend General Biology, Chemistry, high level math like Calculus etc.