College Scholarship essay. HELP!?

College Scholarship essay. HELP!?
Okay so I have this 250-word essay to write.

The topic is ‘indicating your goals and motivation for a scholarship’

I’m having trouble on how to start it and what I would write about in the actual essay..

Any ideas.?


Imagine yourself the person who gets to decide who to give the scholarship to.

Imagine there are two finalists for the scholarship – two students with very similar grades, and very similar extracurriculars and very similar teacher recommendations.

All you have to decide between the two excellent applicants are their essays.

As a scholarship organization, your goal is to award those few scholarships most effectively – you want to give them to applicants who:

a) will really appreciate them
b) will succeed in college and continue on to “give back” to their family and their community
c) the scholarship will best enable to earn a quality education

The essay is your opportunity to tell the organization what the scholarship will mean to you. If you have a dream that you hope to pursue – this is where you share it – especially if that dream will benefit someone more than just you. Students who write essays about how they believe (not hope) that their education will enable them to give something back to society are always well received. It won’t hurt to mention that you hope to someday help future students pursue THEIR academic dreams.

Anyway – I can’t write the essay for you, because I don’t know your dreams and aspirations – but hopefully, that helps you get started. Don’t write about why you deserve it – write about what you’re going to do with it.

Good luck! I hope you win it.