College Writing Help?

College Writing Help?
My professor wants us students to write a weekly “Journal” which is something I dont thing I have ever done but the topic is “Anything college related or a college experience”. It is not an essay just a Journal. I’ve already done 2. Let me know what you think. Also, if you did Journals in college. You have any tips in making this alittle easier?

Journal #1

Since starting college, I have noticed how different it is from high school.
In High school, students are labeled and stereotyped. Students are not treated as individuals. Rather, they form and exist in groups or cliques. While adolescence is a time when teenagers are supposed to be developing, they are affected by the unwritten rules of high school. There are certain things that are considered acceptable and unacceptable. These ideas can limit someone’s freedom to be who they are.
By law, it is necessary and to a certain extent, teenagers are forced to attend high school. There are rules and regulations which one cannot break, because there will be punishments for their actions. Most students do not take high school seriously enough; they go because they have to. They do not see it as a lifetime opportunity.
In college, students are there because they are serious about furthering an education and achieving long life goals. A person has to pay for college. So, if a student does not live up to the expectations of college they know they wasted their hard earned money, or their parents. Since students pay to get into college they work harder than they did in high school.
Also, students are not discriminated because they are outcasts, straight, gay, black, or white. They are the same as everyone else, an individual. Students are not here to gossip or judge others. We are adults. We have taken the first step to have a better earning potential, a fulfilling career, and a good life for our families.

Journal #2
Enrolling into college was harder than I ever imagined. You have to do everything on your own. First you have to go to the enrollment office, wait in line, and enroll. Take a placement test to find out which classes you need to be put in. Go to student orientation or do it online for those of us who signed up late into the semester. See a counselor to find out what schedule fits you best for classes. Go to the business office and pay for your classes before they get dropped. Then, somewhere in the middle of all the chaos you have to find time to make it into the financial aid office so you can have some help in paying for the whole college experience.
Not forgetting the fact that you have to buy your own textbooks, a calculator, computer, printer and all the other necessities you might need in college. Then, you have the agonizing worry if your going to do well or even fit in. It is something every student has to go through at one point at their college.
Sometimes I think preparatory school never properly prepares you for the real world. Having to do everything on your own is a whole new experience and very overwhelming especially for freshmen. It is different because your no longer a dependent under your parents. Your on your own with your own life and problems. Mommy and Daddy are not there every step of the way to save you anymore. I suppose it all soaks in after a few weeks of school.
Needless to say, the whole adventure will give you and insight of the real world and becoming an adult. Going through the enrollment process on your own will give you a boost of confidence to face other situations in your life.

I think your writing is quite good, you have definitely captured the experience well and your comparison to school is spot on. Also to note is that teenagers have grown up a little by the time they hit college, either that or because they are thrown into a different environment with “adults” rather than younger teens they can pick on they have to grow up and face the real world. Yes I agree that most people are prepared to work harder in college, for one they are doing something they “want” to do rather than taking a bunch of subjects that most of the time they only like 1 or 2 of! I can imagine how daunting and stressful the enrollment experience must be on someone young and who is doing things for themselves for the first time, I as a mature student with life experience found it stressful and confusing! and then of course if and when you go to university it is even worse! well worse in the sense of having to be very independent and capable of doing pretty much everything for yourself, don’t let me put you off, I myself am doing a university degree but am doing it at a college instead of a university because I prefer the college environment and smaller classes, more time with your tutor etc. Another thing I found different from school was that you are on the same level as your tutors, they are not seen as “above you” and as authoritarian as teachers are, you can swear in front of them, have a fag with them at breaks and even go to the pub with them in some cases! it’s a very nice experience after being around snotty teachers who think they “own” you! (of course when I say swear in front of them I do not recommend this, you must have respect for your tutors at all times, I just mean in in the sense that as you are on a level with them as an adult you can speak to them in their own language, of course it may be different for younger students) Another point to mention is that student life is very distracting and often results in wild parties, drugs etc and when living away from home there is no one to tell you otherwise so new students need to be careful of that, there is nothing wrong with having fun however you don’t want it to interfere with your studies as you can quickly fall behind.
Also in my experience I find that older students and those who are paying for their course or getting a loan to pay for it work harder and are more dedicated, whereas those who are getting the course free via government funding tend to be the ones who do not work as hard and take the most time off, I am not being stero-typical just making a statement about what I have seen first hand.

hmmm tips on making writing a journal easier? well I’d say your doing a pretty good job, have you tried an online blog such as blogger? If you enjoy writing as I clearly do then it’s not a problem to write a journal each day, but if it’s more of a challenge for you how about setting aside some dedicated time each evening, even if it is only 10 minutes to write about that day? or carrying a notepad around and jotting down little things that have happened during the day or that you might fancy writing about later to give you inspiration if you get stuck?
hope this helps and keep at it cause you seem to be doing to right thing, best of luck! xx