Community college student with weird situation in need of transfer advice?

Community college student with weird situation in need of transfer advice?
I have an interesting education history to say the least. I attended three, yes three, different high schools (two British schools in The Netherlands, one American high school) and came out of that experience with a 3.4 GPA, theatre, music, softball, community service as extracurriculars and a 4 on my AP World History exam. However, I only completed high school through my sophomore year due to all of the moving, constantly switching systems and health problems.

I received a GED at 16 years old and scored in the top percentile. (95th or 98th?) In that time, I also worked a job.

I am now a freshman at Northern Virginia Community College with a 3.7 or 4.0 depending on how my two remaining finals go. I will be a part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society next semester where there will be ample opportunities for community service and campus involvement, and I will be active in my school’s newspaper along with being a finalist (or winner) in a singing competition my school holds for a 4000 dollar scholarship/ “prize”. This summer, I am planning on doing a 6 week scholarship program with my church where I will serve the poor.

I also am a born writer and know I can write an essay that will serve to any school’s mission statement while representing myself well.

I plan on pursuing Journalism actively at whatever school I end up transferring too.

I have only very recently turned 17 years old and have worked very hard to get to where I am today. However, I do not want to stay in community college for long. There is a two year automatic transfer agreement with Virginia schools if students maintain a 3.0 or over, but my sights are set on transferring for my sophomore year (Fall 2011).

I so far am planning on applying to Boston College, Boston University, University of North Carolina, James Madison University and Virginia Commonwealth University, though I am also looking at Temple University and any other school in Boston that would be a good fit for me. I am sure that, with advice, time and college visits, this list will narrow down and it will become clearer to me.

I have yet to take my SAT’s, but will be doing so before transfer deadlines!

I am wondering if anyone has any insight on my standing for any of the above schools, or advice on how to go about a successful transfer as it is a highly competitive endeavor?

Thank you!

Your in a great standing .. NO need for SAT or Highschool grades if you have enough college credits from teh community college (unless its a top IVY or a requirement. My advice APPLY for well known state universities.. like virginia commonwealth university. WHY because teh tuition will be AFFORDABLE, and its a great school. If you go to Boston University / boston college .. you will be paying 30K to 50K a year without living expenses and I will not suggest you rack that much debt untill you go into a graduate school to pursue your masters. If i were you I would go to a Public state university for under graduate ( you may be a full scholarship too) and you’ll save a lot. LEAVE the heavy loans for graduate school.

MY advice. I did that. I went to Wayne state university for undergrad and saved the heavy debt hassles Financial aid pretty much covered most of teh tuition and I will be graduating with only 8000 in debt. I am thinking about NYU/ Boston U / University of michigan / Michigan state (i am a michigan resident) If I get in. If not then I will apply for Oakland university (michigan) / Wayne state (again)/ University of MAss./ Eastern michigan university / Central michigan university.

I hope I helped.

Wayne state is in Michigtan (detroit) its a big research school well known in this region check wikipedia Ranked 200-300 world wide. Tier 2 nation wide – top 100 in law top 22 in medicine .. SO it is a good school for a very affordable price. Virginia commonwealth is well known and has a great rep. and the tuition is affordable.

Ofcourse if your a virginia resident …. if your a Mass resited go to Uni of MAss ( its ppublic)