Comparative essays help?

Comparative essays help?
Can someone tell me how to write a comparative essay? I’m comparing a play and a novel… just a basic outline and points would be nice.
And do I have to mention things like literary devices, foreshadowing, plot, etc in the essay?

Basically a comparative essay is describing similarities and differences between the play and the novel.
For example you can talk about the theme of the the novel and how that theme relates to the play. You want to try and find general similarities between the two and use specific examples to support your argument. Character comparisons are good as well. You can describe how the main characters share certain ideals and beliefs. The goal of the comparative essay is to draw on the general aspects of both the play and novel to demonstrate how they have a common theme. I am assuming the novel and play are similar in topic so you want to use aspects of each to make your point. Remember, whatever points you argue you need to back them up with specific examples from both.
An simply example would be; Joe from the novel believes all people are evil because he said………and Bill from the play also shares Joe’s beliefs because he said to Jill……..
Hope this kind of makes sense and helps you get going.