Compare and contrast the process of colonization of Africa and India?

Compare and contrast the process of colonization of Africa and India?
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What were some similarities and differences between the process of colonization in Africa, vs India?

One is a continent (Africa) of many countries and its fair share of Empires; while the other (India) is a country.
Termed a sub-continent though, India, a single country has many mutually exclusive cultural regions so as to be compared to places like Europe.
India has become comparatively modern in its political institutions (it may be kingdom or Empire). Most of its history, India was united under an Empire, wtich process was continued by the European colonisers as it set its own standard. The new British rulers were sometimes viewed by the (Indian) masses as an continuity in time of the Imperial dyansties that ruled from the throne at Delhi. It is one reason why, Kolkata, the capital of the East India Company, a company of English merchants & traders was replaced by Delhi by the British when they took over Indian Empire from the Company.
Progress of Imperialism in Africa was much smoother but for the hazards to life & limb of the Europeans negotiating uncharted pathways in the heart of Africa, that is rather large. It was the answer & challenge for the adventurous European spirit & zeal. History of Africa was written as a European adventure and has nothing in it for Africans. The locals were inured of or uninitiated into the European intentions. For Europeans Africa ‘is there for carving’. The Berlin conference confirmed it. It is a matter of fact or even pride, for a European kingdom (or republic or nation) to own a piece of Africa. It was the fashion or trend. The continent, like a pie or cake was cut out & shared by all Europeans (German, British, French, Belgian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Danish and the surreptitious Dutch and even Austrian). When the Belgian King’s (Leopold II’s) move to annexe the prized ‘Congo’ was turned down by his own parliament he went ahead and annexed it nevertheless, but as a ‘personal’ property outside the purview of Belgian government (or gaze of the parliament). The mess created by the departing Europeans is yet to be cleared and might take another century.