Compare/Contrast Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin?

Compare/Contrast Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin?
I have an essay due of compare and contrast and i need some compare/contrast views on how they are alike and different…please help?

Well the first obvious answer would be to compare the comedic properties that a lead ‘fat man’ can offer. They are dumb but lovable, talk about how they drive or sometimes even fuel the action and plot of the show by their antics more so then a “normal” well adjusted character can. Focus on comedy since thats what it is. Both are loving caring fathers who enjoy beer and have a menial job. I guess Seth went with what worked as far as comedies go, also a character is a relflection manifestation of the writer/writers or creator. Seth is obviously the influance into Peter (though Brian and Chris are more similar to his actual personality if I had to take a guess), and Matt Groening (spelling) is for Bart which is actually a rearrangement of the word Brat. Did you know Homer is the name of his father? He named all the characters after his family (left out one brother though lol).

Anyway, I would take a guess that Peter is “dumber” then Homer if you think of the trivial pursuit game and being legally retarded. Homer also treats his family better due to the differences in the shock value or crude humor of the show. Even though both are a bit selfish they love their families but Homer would be more apt to spend time with them even if he is a screw up sometimes. Also this can be attributed to the root differences in the show being “family oriented” (Simpsons) and more random raunchy humor that Family Guy sports. Homer is also balding, and spends less time with his friends then Peter does. Homer was a slackerish jock in high school, where as Peter was an ackward fat kid (referring to the episode where he bullys a kid).

Peter seems to have more of an affinity to animals trying to replace Brian whenever he leaves. Homer gets Santa’s little helper and Snowball but they are more the kids choice then his. Also note the rest of the family structure is similar stable naggy wife, daughter, son, and a baby. We cover the spectrum of what you can do in an episode if you have one of each. Seth went to animation school I’m not sure about Matt so I’m sure he has studied this stuff, people often study and replicate.

They are very similar I guess Family Guy went with if its not broken don’t fix it.