Concerned about online schools?

Concerned about online schools?
It’s been on my mind for a year now so I’m wondering if I should take online schools. I’ve heard that K12 is a good online school but I’m not quite sure about it. I’m very curious but here’s a couple of things I would like to know:

Are online schools free or do you have to pay a tuition fee?
Do you “attend” at the same time as regular schools or can you work at any time?
Are there any weekends off or breaks like Winter break?
Are the teachers good and do you get to communicate with other online students?
How do you get assignments and tests and how do you turn them in?
Is there any AP equivalent classes in online schools?
Do you get graded the same way as public schools?
Do colleges look at your online school history or do they just care about SAT scores?
Colleges in my area need the A-G requirements and is it possible to fulfill them through online schools?
What are some negative aspects of online schools besides not being sociable?

Personal question: I just started my sophomore year in high school so is it okay for me to switch to online schools or do I have to wait until the end of the semester?

Trust me I am very sociable, but its just that I have enough of schools giving me wrong classes and teachers being too slow/distracted/not doing their job right/teaching wrong stuff/giving useless assignments(i.e. Math teacher assigning a 3 page essay). You could say that I have some horrible schools in my area so that can be a reason why I would want to take online schools. Usually when I’m at home I would occasionally learn more online by reading some articles and such so I guess I’m more suited to learn at home. Also please be serious about this.

Frankie’s answer is good, but she is unaware of the recent change of policy by the department of defense. On June 28th, 2012, they put this statement in a press release:

The Department of Defense announced today that eligible students with diplomas from home schools, virtual/distance learning and adult/alternative schools, who score 50 or above on the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT), will now receive Tier 1 enlistment priority.

Virtual/distance/adult/alternative schools are no longer given tier II priority.

Also, though I repeatedly hear that universities place a lower priority on virtually schooled students, I have never seen that as a quote from an admissions officer or university. In general, they have two application processes, one for traditionally schooled students and another for homeschooled or other “non-traditional” applicants. You would need to speak directly with the universities to know if they prefer a traditional school or independent homeschool education.

Finally, A-G requirements are the requirements for the UC and CSU universities in California. It is possible to take those courses online; though you’ll need to see if online courses satisfy their lab science requirements. They may not. Again, inquire with the admissions offices.