Teaching reading to a multicultural student base


In summary, there are many things a teachers can do to make their classroom a place where children from all cultural and class backgrounds can succeed in learning to read. Chapter 4 has outlined many methods that can be used with specific cultural groups, which can be used by teachers to create equity in the […]

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Conclusions – Part II

Effective Methods for Teaching Asian Pacific American Students As a teacher, it is also important to remember that Asian students are not always the best students, even though many teachers describe them as model students (Ruan, 2003, Tatum 1997). It is important for teachers to not assume they do not need help just because they […]

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The research reviewed in Chapter Three has revealed several practices that may encourage culturally relevant teaching. In considering the past and present experiences of minority students in school, it is important to find the most effective practices to teach all people’s children. The following are practices that research has shown to be effective when working […]

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Effective Methods for Teaching Native American Students – Part V

The Effect of Teachers Attitudes and Expectations on Students Learning Love and Kruger (2005) conducted two studies on the cultural relevance of assimilationist views in working with African American students. The first study investigated the correlation of professional educator’s attitudes to their own demographic identifiers. Professional educators in six different schools were selected for the […]

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Effective Methods for Teaching Native American Students – Part IV

Wilson-Jones (2003) investigated African American males’ attitudes and feelings on finding success in school. The study summarized that the research in this area has shown that often African American students, especially males, withdraw from engagement in their education because of wanting to reject mainstream culture. Also, “negative stereotypes associated with race cause students of color […]

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Effective Methods for Teaching Native American Students – Part II

Reyhner (1986) studied the representation, in number of appearances and in the accuracy and realism of those appearances, of Native American students in basal readers, the reading textbooks used with young readers. A review of the literature showed that Native American students are more engaged and comprehend more when the reading materials represented their culture […]

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