Convince Parents to Allow me to do Online School…(More Info)?

Convince Parents to Allow me to do Online School…(More Info)?
How do I convince my parents to allow me to do online school? When I asked them over the summer they would say “No way! You just don’t want to go to school!” They would say that if they would allow me I would just slack off and not do any work (but i’m NOT). I feel that they don’t trust me that I am responsible enough to handle it. In my opinion, I’m not like that. They always think that I’m not responsible. They rarely see that I’m responsible. I’m a straight A student in school and do my homework regularly and will sleep late at night just to work hard on a project. I don’t know what to do.
When they ask why I want to, I would always say, I want to graduate earlier, do the things I want more (which is TRUE). THen, they would say, “You can do it during summer, after school or even weekends! What’s the matter with that?” The REAL reason I want to do online schooling is because I want to focus more on what I want to do. I want to have a singing career but afraid to tell them. I want to take voice and piano lessons regularly. I don’t know how to tell them this because they don’t take me seriously even when I am serious.
When I asked them what IF I want to be a famous singer, would they support me?, my dad would say. “celebrity life is crazy, your personal life is exposed. I’d rather let you take a job like interior designer, that’s what you want, right? (second choice)” It’s really hard for me to open up because they do’t take me seriously, just like what I said earlier.

Can anyone give me advice on this???

im a freshman in high school going to a online school i also got a FREE laptop and printer they also send me the books that i have to read which is only in english. i like it so far next year i plan on going to college and by the time i graduate from high school i will have my associates degree also online school is kind of easy except you have to type alot of papers but there not always long the longest i had was a 250 word essay. i think online school motivates me to finish my freshman year earlier=]