Cosmetologist interview?

Cosmetologist interview?
I’m during an essay on my career choice and I need to do an interview can someone answer the following questions and your name also
1) what made you decide your career choice
2) what is your least favorite about your job
3) what was your education
4) looking back would you change your career
5) whats your day like
6) whats your favorite thing about your job
7) three qualities you need to be a cosmetologist
8) is there some tips you could tell me I can do to be one

1) I have always loved doing hair since I was in ninth grade, my school offered it so I just had to take it
2) My least favorite thing about getting in a salon is the drama between stylists. We all love what we do, why not get along
3) My home school offered tech school programs such as cosmetology, automotive and health tech. My junior and senior year, we ran an in school salon for two hours, studied for one and did basic classes (math, history, etc.) the other five.
4) no, I love my job. Helping people feel burrito is my specialty. In return I feel good for it.
5)I usually get up around seven, make coffee, watch the news and get pretty (: have to be at work at nine am. The first three hours is slow, I’ll clean the salon and advertise for business (keep advertising always)! Once business picks up, your on your feet, so wear comfortable shoes!!! Every client is different and you will always be surprised.. Between colors, I’ll do a haircut. To keep things running smoothly. Oh, and