Could anyone please help me start off my essay.?

Could anyone please help me start off my essay.?
I need any good ideas to start it off. Its for a scholarship.
This is what they are asking to write:
Please list any additional special circumstances or events that you believe judges should know in considering your application.

The committee wants to know “WHY” they should choose you over the other thousands of applicants. This is the time explain ‘why’ for four years you have tried to become the all-around student scholar/athlete/volunteer/mentor, etc. Or this could be an opportunity for you to explain how you became sidetracked for a semester/year and your grades went to pot; but – you saw the error of your ways and made great strides since then to become the student that will flourish even more at their institution. Research the school and talk about what you can bring to the institution [other that yourself]; discuss why you chose this school and your major, what you plan to do with the major when you graduate, etc. This is a chance to let them see you – Good Luck.