Could I get into Boston University?

Could I get into Boston University?
I am currently at a community college, as a freshmen. I have received A’s in all my courses except a B in Statistics. I scored a 2250 on the SATs and I am affiliated with several volunteer organizations.

How much of a chance do I have at getting in as a transfer?

I think you have great grades, that are enough to get you into Boston Uni., but I think you also need to write a insightful personal essay that shows you have a great personality and why you would make a great addition to their school (depends on the subject of the essay). They usually like to see leadership skills, along with a display of good work ethic. I don’t know how they’ll weigh your “As” from a community school compared to “As” from a higher-end school. I think you also need stellar recommendations from professors as well. Anyway, I think you have a pretty good chance of getting in- so I recommend you take the chance and apply.