Could I make it into a top 20 (tier 1) college with these credentials?

Could I make it into a top 20 (tier 1) college with these credentials?
I am a white high school junior that will have an unweighted average of 96.6 (3.86 GPA) at a large high school known for producing highly competitive students in upstate New York (I don’t know my high school’s national rank though). My school does not weigh grades, so I am unsure of my weighted average. My class rank will be anywhere from 8th to 5th. I showed huge improvement from freshman to junior year; freshman year I had a 94.533 GPA, which went up to a 98.2 GPA junior year.
I will have 7 AP classes by the end of high school, with 5’s on all of AP exams (school doesn’t offer IB or honors courses). The classes are as follows:
AP World
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP US History
AP English Language and Composition
AP Psychology
AP Calculus
I also have an even longer list of enriched and accelerated classes.

For EC’s, I have:
Varsity tennis 3 years
Varsity Nordic skiing 2 years (possibly becoming captain senior year)
Varsity Cross Country running 2 years (possibly becoming captain)
*made it to State Championship for xc running*
Chess Club
Ping-pong club (top player)
20+ volunteer service hours in the Rotary Club
Piano for 8 years outside of school
Private tennis lessons for 8 years
In school, I play violin in the orchestra and in a select “jazzerfiddle” group

I have received numerous “Scholar” awards from my school (a teacher chooses 2-3 students for the award), and will have 3-5 solid letters of recommendation from my AP teachers and coaches. I am working on getting a recommendation to “Boys State”, a leadership camp for a week in the summer.

Hoping to get a 31-33 on the ACT, or a 2150 – 2250 on the SAT. I will also take some SAT subject tests; score expected to be very high (they’re rather easy, I hear; for example, the average score for recent AP worlders on the world history SAT subject test was a 95 or so, and I was the top world history student in the school)

I am Russian-American. My parents were immigrants, with my father earning his Ph.D in the US. I have visited 8 foreign countries and spend my summers in Russia. I speak Russian very fluently (almost like a native speaker).

Please let me know what my chances are for the Ivies, “extremely good” schools that are equal to the Ivies (University of Chicago, Duke, etc.), and “very good” schools like Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Notre Dame, etc.

Hypothetically speaking, if you end up getting a score that is within those standardized test ranges, maintain at least that GPA, you should have at least a good chance at those “very good schools.” Most of the admitted students at those ivies are generally in the top 5 and at least 10% of their graduating class. You could be a serious candidate if you hold your class rank in that area and you write an excellent PERSONAL (not something that somebody else wrote for you or copied from somewhere) essay.

You should still apply to more schools though (maybe all of the ones in the top 50 that you would be interested in attending and the public ivies) You have amazing academics, but even top students get turned away from Harvard and such, so you have to apply to more, to get more options later on. You need to apply to the bottom tier 1 schools as well and safety schools too (maybe such as SUNY at Buffalo or Syracuse or something)