could someone give me an essay about why is slavery wrong.?

could someone give me an essay about why is slavery wrong.?
it has to be 5 paragraphs. It has to be an introduction, a body that includes three reasons, and a conclusion. It’s do tomarrow.

Slavery was Wrong

Millions of Africans died in slave ships en route from Africa to America. A lifetime of bondage awaited those who survived the trip. This crime against a people-enslavement, exploitation, of millions of Africans is an American tragedy at its highest level. The legacy of slavery continues to bind many African Americans. Slavery was wrong and African Americans should be paid reparations, for illegal transport, abduction, and unpaid labor.
The historical record of slavery deals almost completely with the beliefs and actions of whites in Europe and North America. The contribution of the slaves themselves has been incompletely documented. How slaves transformed their African experiences into revolutionary action against the institution of slavery still has to be explored. Even specialists of Africa have inadvertently overlooked the importance of black abolitionist thought and action.
African slaves were transported to Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central & South America, starting very early in the 16th century.
Landowners in the American colonies originally met their need for forced labor by enslaving a limited number of Natives, and “hiring” many more European indentured servants. In exchange for
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Once on American soil, slaves were largely treated as property, to be freely bought and sold. With the spread of tobacco farming in the 1670’s, and the diminishing number of people willing to sign-on as indentured servants in the 1680’s, increasing numbers of slaves were brought in from Africa. Much later, in 1990, Austria made payments totaling $25m to survivors of the Jewish holocaust. An ex-slave could mix freely into society. As a second reference for this number: Multiple the census count of slaves by the average advertised price, which gives a value of $5. Millions of slaves were exported from Africa to North America, South America and the West Indies. It’s been 120 years, and judging from the low-count controversy of the 1990 census, the Bureau hasn’t found them yet. Until this debt is acknowledged and paid, America will forever be paying in blood and tears. 9 % of the expected population? They disappeared in 1865 with the Emancipation Proclamation.
Slavery in America was closely connected to race. Slaves were not recognized as persons in the eyes of the law; thus they had no legal rights.