could you please help me to write a comparative essay ?

could you please help me to write a comparative essay ?
I need to write a comparative essay between a house and an apartment
it has to contain 3 paragraphs in 1 paper
{Introduction + Body paragraph + Conclusion }

You have to do a compare and contrast between a house and an apartment. Go look for some ideas that you can use for comparisons and in this case, pros and cons.

Some pros about owning a house:

You build equity as you make your house payments
You own the property so you can make improvements as you see fit

Some Cons about owning a house

The mortgage is usually higher than paying rent
When something breaks, you pay to fix it
You have to carry homeowners insurance against the property and in some states the loan itself as PMI insurance
You have a normal thirty-year mortgage while the first fifteen years you pay mostly interest with little going towards the principle or equity
Housing markets fluctuate. Your property could go down in value as many are today due to the economy but in better times it is a valuable investment.

Some Pros about apartments

You have a lease and can leave after the lease is over or renew or go “month to month.”
You do not have to carry insurance unless you pay for renters insurance to cover your own property
Something breaks, landlord fixes it (Unless you were negligent and broke it)

Some cons about apartments

You have no equity in the property and your rent goes towards the owner or landlords pocket as they have equity in the property
You usually cannot make improvements or in some places repaint without express written approval of the landlord
Up front costs to rent can be high at times, first months rent plus deposit equaling one months rent due at time of signing the lease
When you leave, a good portion of the deposit can be kept by the landlord for damages (perceived or real) and that is money you are just out.

So there are some ideas to compare and contrast and that is about all you have to do with this type of paper.
Here are some ideas on how to write and organize a compare/contrast and good luck……