create a proposal to provide to a home builder?

create a proposal to provide to a home builder?
In this proposal, introduce yourself, the desire for the dream home, a logical progression of how to decide upon a fair price and an offer for the construction of the new dream home in a perfect neighborhood. The proposal should include the data used to create the model home (formula, graph, the correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, predicted price, and any other information necessary to support the proposed price for the dream home. I am so desperate for the help to complete this assignment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Use a tool such as zillow to find homes in a neigborhood that you like.

Take note of the square footage, lot size, and estimated value, and perhaps a few features of at least a half a dozen homes.
Attempt to derive a linear function that correlates house size, lot size and value — a mulitiple regression might help. From this you will break apart the value of the lot from the value of the house that sits on the lot.

Now write a little essay explaining what your criteria is for your dream home. How many sq ft. How many bedrooms, etc.
Next outline your budget. You will expect to buy the raw land, and you will be willing to pay $X to the builder to build your dream house.
Then discuss how you came ot the conclusion that this is a fair price.