Creative High School Essay? 8th grader?

Creative High School Essay? 8th grader?
I am applying to a prestigious private school. I have already written an essay about why I want to go there etc. but theres a new twist. I have to send in a picture, and write about an essay on why it matters to me! I have NO idea on what i’m going to write it about, all I have to do is write this last essay and then my application is done! Its due on dec. 7!!! I’ll be able to write an essay about it but I don t no what kind of picture their looking for! They are a independant school with a tuition of over 30k (expensive for my public school types) and it is NOT religious, its just very academic based. Any ideas on a picture I could use?!

Use a picture from an important event or time in your life with someone important to you. For example, I had to do a similar essay for an application two years ago (I’m a sophmore now). I sent in a picture of my dad and myself, he died a few months later. It was one of the last times we went out together, so I wrote about some memories associated with that. Or, you could write about a vacation you took with your family and memories from that. or maybe the earliest picture of you and your best friend, and how what was happening then led to the relationship you have now. Endless options here. Best of luck!