Critical response ideas for Great Gatsby?

Critical response ideas for Great Gatsby?
I am writing a critical response essay for the Great Gatsby. Any ideas for what I should “critique”?

Angelica, how bout writing about what it is that attraction holds for a man to fall helplessly in love so much that he would give up all else, to build an empire meant for his princess to arrive… when she is absolutely be held entrapped so to speak, ensnared in such a so shallow… grave?.. Materially slain to the core…in what appears as security… that she would risk the Love of her Life… for that which is not very real. Preventing them both to rise in love…

that was something that struck me throughout this movie…worthy of investing oneself in to see, the mysteries of what and why a man calls beautiful as it becomes defined in himself… devotions of love… along with the ideal of a man’s gotta do, what a mans gotta do…

This would be a fine weave to untangle then spin…