critical thinking essay?

critical thinking essay?
i have to write an essay about bulimia and it has to be a critical thinking essay i have never done this type of essay and need help

you could write out a list of questions or words that come to mind when you think of bulimia. you could elaborate on each and expand on them. i think if you did the essay following emotions and opinions it would be more interesting to read than if you did it more like a research paper. and if it’s a critical thinking paper, you couldn’t really be marked down for having more emotion than facts. some questions that might help you get started could be, what’s your opinion of people who are bulimic? if you were in their place, how would you feel? what’s their state of mind? what do different aspects of society say about bulimia? is bulimia worse than anorexia? what would drive a person to the extremes of becoming bulimic? how do you quit being bulimic? Hope this helps a bit and good luck.