Cyrano De Bergerac Essay Questions?

Cyrano De Bergerac Essay Questions?
In school we just finish the play cyrano de bergerac and now we have to write a play. I’m having a hard time picking a topic these are the following topics:
1) presence or lack of heroes in the play
2) prove christian is more than a pretty face
3)prove or disprove this statment: Neither Roxanne nor cyran has any desire to face reality. They are happy in their make-believe worlds
4) discuss the irony in act V considereing the way cyrano wished to die: “steel in my heart and laughter on my lips!”
5)discuss several themes of the play the themes are: a) inner beauty transcends physical beauty b) idealism requires integrity, courage, and self-sacrafice c) individualism often conflicts with society’s values d)imagination can triumph over reality

tell me what you think would be the easiest to write about and why. be specific on why. if you pick 5 tell me what theme you chose

depends on how long your essay has to be

For a short essay number one is easy–either you feel Cyrano was a hero or you don’t — pick some other characters who did something remarkable/unexpected and see if you think they are heroes or not–support your decision with quotes from the book and a couple of definitions of hero you picked up from class or an outside source–it’s a nice fast, short essay.

For a longer essay I think number 3 is a good choice. The whole play revolves around them–it’s pretty obvious what realities they wouldn’t want to face–now all you have to decide is if either/both/neither of them actually made a real effort to face that unpleasantness. Support this with quotes (there should be lots of quotes and examples to put in, which is what will really bulk up this essay and makes it easy for a longer essay). To go the extra mile or make the essay even longer–do some fast research online about facing reality or avoiding it and classic traits of people who do this (make sure to note your web source in your paper) then with quotes from the play show how Cyrano or Roxanne fit those traits. Nice long paper in no time!