did i make a bad desition?

did i make a bad desition?
i am 15 years old and in the 10 grade. and last semester in my english class there was this wrestler guy…… and he asked me to help him with his essay…… but as i kept helping him, he passed me a note asking me if i wanted to play the nervous game. but i told him no. but the next day he kept trying to stick his hand down my pants, and started to but his hand up my shirt. so i went to my english teacher and asked her if i could move seats. so she asked me why, and i told her. well, she reported it to campus security, and he got in trouble. and now 5 months later i am being bullyed by his friends for telling, becuz he told his friends that he didnt do anything. did i make the wrong choice to tell?

no sweetie you dident!!! Those guys are jerks,don’t feel bad no one likes being felt up and treated like that. From a woman’s point of view I would of did the same. You may think its crazy but you might want to tell your parents about the situation and if these boys are bullying you than your counselor needs to be involved.School should be a safe place and you have enough to worry about with studying. Trust me I know how much bullying and teasing can hurt even years after. Do something now about it and dont take any of there crap personal.Guys who treat girls like that have no respect and dont deserve any respect.