Distribution of condoms in school?

Distribution of condoms in school?
So im writing an essay for my english class about distribution of condoms in high schools, its an argumentative essay & i know how im gonna write most of it already, i just dont know how to start the introduction ( first sentence ) , i wanna start it a good, smart looking sentence, any ideas ?
&also if ya could give me information about condoms being handed out in schools, deseases you could get by “sex” & on info on condoms maybe ( Ex. how they arent always protected )

Easy points i guess 🙂 Thanks

You didn’t say which side of the argument you are on, but here are my thoughts on the topic. Please keep in mind I am a 22 year old grad student. I am not an angry parent.

Public schools and other government entities are taking the power to choose away from parents these days. Children are being educated about sex younger than ever now, and the decision regarding when to divulge such information has been taken away from the parents by making it part of the public school curriculum. Every child is ready to hear about sex and condoms at a different age. The parents know their children and the appropriate age for their children much better than any school does. As someone who chose to wait until marriage to have sex, the idea of condoms being distributed at school would have been upsetting. I can only imagine that the person who says “no thank you” when a condom is given to hm/her will be teased, either for his/her beliefs or because they “cannot” get a boyfriend/girlfriend who would want to do it with them. It is not as though they are impossible to come by, anyway. They can be purchased -without an ID, might I add- at any drug store or even a Target. If you’re strapped for cash, they can be obtained for free at Planned Parenthood. There is no reason for them to be distributed at school, and enough power has been taken from parents as it is.
Educating kids/teens about the biology is one thing. Giving them advice – that may disagree with what the parent wants their kids to hear- is completely different.

I’ll get off my soap box, now.