Do I have a change at getting into Brown University?

Do I have a change at getting into Brown University?

I’m really interested in getting into Brown University, and I’m aware that my chances are extremely slim if nonexistent. I’d really appreciate any help with where I stand acceptance wise.

I’ve got a 3.54 unweighted GPA. I know it’s very low. I was more or less fine until my first semester of junior year (Family troubles, grandfather passing away, financial troubles).

My school doesn’t calculate weighted GPA or class rank.

I’ve taken AP Bio and AP US History and scored a 4 and a 5 respectively. I’ve got a fairly challenging schedule for senior year too.

I got a 2250 on my SATs. I only took them once.
Critical Reading- 790
Math- 700
Writing- 760 (10 on the essay)

I’ve taken 3 SAT II’s.
US History- 690 (I’m retaking this one)
Math II- 690 (I’m retaking this one as well)

For the past couple summers I’ve shadowed doctors a couple times a week. Maybe 10-12 hours a week. I’ve seen open heart surgeries, general pediatric visits, etc.

I’m testing for my first degree black belt in karate (11 year commitment).
I’m president of the Robotics club in my school.
I’ve participated in Science Olympiad and the chess team.
I’ve played tennis for the past 8 or so years. I was on the JV team sophomore year.

I have great relationships with my teachers, so I don’t think getting letters of recommendations will be a problem.

My parents are from India, though I was born in the States. I heard that this may make a different in the application process.

Thanks, I’d really appreciate it if someone would let me know how I stand. I’m looking to apply to Tufts University too, so my standing with Tufts would be great.

You sound like me Senior year of high school. I did not get into Brown University, but I think you have decent qualifications.

This was my qualifications, maybe you can compare a bit to give you a view:

GPA – 3.6/3.7 (I’m not sure what it was finally, but its around there) – but not because of bad events I just played hookie all Freshman and Sophomore year, doing… bad, possibly illegal activities.

APs – Biology, Government, Statistics, U.S. History, Psychology, Calculus, Literature (I received 4’s and 5’s on all)

SATs – 2100, ACT – 32. I did not take SAT II’s because I just decided the ACT score was fine. Probably should have retaken the tests again.

-I was VP of the Psychology Club
-I was part of the Key Club, Math Club, It’s Academic, Asian American Club, InterAct Club, Math Club, NHS
-I’ve played piano since 2nd grade and have entered several competitions and placed
-I was a swimmer and lacrosse player
-I participated in a medical conference and a national security conference

I think you should really try to pull up your GPA, get better SAT II scores, and try to really express yourself in your essays. I believe that the reason I did not get into Brown was in part due to my essays seeming too perfect. After rereading the essays I saw that it only reflected what I wanted the readers to believe and I really think that if you can show who you are and why you are a promising candidate for Brown you will be successful.

I think that you are a good candidate, probably better suited for Brown than I was, but I think that in the scope of things you are below average out of the pool of candidates. You need to set yourself apart and let the counselors see who you are and what you can bring to the community.

Good luck!

Also, Jim is an idiot. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about.