Do I have a good chance of getting into top tier schools?

Do I have a good chance of getting into top tier schools?
I am a senior applying to colleges right now, and my top choices are Vanderbilt, Duke, Northwestern, and College of William and Mary. Everyone has me a little freaked out about the admission rates, and it is really making me second guess my chances of getting into these schools. I really, really, really love these schools, and I really don’t care for the the other schools i am applying to just for safety purposes. Based on what I have listed below, what do you think I could improve on and what have I done well? What schools above do you think I could get accepted from? Thanks. 🙂

Unweighted GPA: 3.9
Weighted GPA: 4.83

Some of the more rigorous courses I have taken:
AP Calculus BC
AP English Language
AP Environmental
AP Psychology

(I received As in all of the classes with the exception of calculus, which I got a B in. I also got all 5s and 4s on the exams.)

Classes I am currently taking:
AP Biology
AP Statistics
AP Literature
AP Government

I have also taken tonssssssssss of honors classes ever since freshman year.

I am number 4 in my class of 450 at the 2nd best high school in the state.

I have been historian of HOSA club for 2 years and am currently vice president of another club at my school. I am also a member of National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and another club. I played tennis my freshman year for a non-school related team. I was a Junior Marshal last year at graduation. I participate in a voluntary community service program at my school, and I have also organized fundraisers for diabetes on my own without any sort of compensation. Additionally, I am an active volunteer for Humane Society and Petsmart. I created my own petsitting business and now have over 15 clients.

Now here is the bad part: my SAT scores.

Math: 670
CR: 610
Writing: 640

I have only taken the SAT once, but for whatever reason, it gives me severe anxiety unlike any other test. I did take the ACT this month, and I feel like I did better on it, but I am still awaiting the results.

That’s pretty much it, and thanks so much for your input. 🙂

It sounds like you are an outstanding and involved student that has a hard time with tests. First off you need to know that while you feel you did well on the ACT, don’t get your hopes up right now as it is often put on some scale which renders your best guesses useless. Your SAT isn’t bad, but it certainly isnt good for the schools you want. Dukes 50th percentile is 2000-2300, Vanderbilts is 1980-2230, and northwestern’s is similar to dukes. As a result, based only on scores, you are considered slighlty below average for the schools you listed. Id take it again just to be safe, but all in all i wouldn’t be worried. You aren’t too far off and the rest of your stats are good. . .my advice is to compensate for your scores by really polishing your essays. If you want more help open up an account with college confidential- its a website made up almost exclusively of college kids helping highschoolers improve resumes and chancing them at colleges. Good luck- chance me?;…