Do I have a shot at UCLA? Responses appreciated! :D?

Do I have a shot at UCLA? Responses appreciated! :D?
I’m curious about my chances at getting into UCLA.

I am a pretty good student. Solid GPA and ECs I guess.

Well I am basically asking what my chances are considering my stats/activities/etc.

Here they are:

I am a will be a senior in high school beginning this fall.
My GPA as of now is a 3.71 Unweighted and a 4.0-4.2 Weighted

I have As in my math and science classes except for a “C ” in AP Bio for one semester.

I am going to take AP Calc BC, AP Statistics, AP Physics, AP APES and 2 other undecided electives and plan on getting As for them all.

I took Statistics, Drawing and an introductory Engineering course at my local community college.

My SAT scores are as follows:

590 on Critical Reading
600 on Math
600 on Writing (8 on the essay)

SAT Subjects

600 Math 2
520 Biology M (They messed up my score. The score report says I took E *sighs* oh well)

I am waiting for ACT scores.

My extracurriculars are pretty good I guess. Here they are:

I am in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Pre-College Pipeline program at UCLA. Basically, I research with a top professor/researcher at UCLA on a certain subject. Mine is on cell signaling and stem cell research. By the way, I work in Dr. Wong’s lab at the UCLA school of dentistry. We have to come up with a large research presentation and well, present it at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Pacific Division to a auditorium of scientists. It is a 6 week residential program. I live/eat/etc at the dorms.

I am also in the Junior Engineering Technical Society at my school.
I take Engineering classes from the California State University, Northridge (ACCESS program)

I volunteer at a local institution that helps poor people to make it simple. (MEND)

I am a tutor and mentor to my autistic brother and a Sophomore in my school. I mentor my brother in speech/etc etc etc and the sophomore in math and science.

I am a member of the science club at my school.

I am also a member of the ACE club (Achievement Commitment Excellence). This club focuses on personal and mental welfare and success in the future.

I am in the EAOP (Early Academic Outreach Program)

I am very knowldegeable in lab techniques (everything basically).

I also wrote a “killer” (according to my AP English teacher) admissions essay so you may want to take a look at that (ask me).

So yeah, tell me what you think. 🙂

PS. I know that I am omitting a lot of stuff so when it gets to my head I will *** to the list! :p

If it were not for your research, I would tell you that your chances of acceptance would be less than even, due to your SAT scores and unweighted GPA. Many applicants will have higher ones.

I think that your research increases your chances to well above even.

You should be sure that your application makes clear everything you wrote in your question and that you go into more detail, with citations to the publications and professional meetings.

If you can get a great letter of recommendation from Dr. Wong or, if not, from another professor at the laboratory, be sure to do that.

You will very probably be admitted to UCSD and almost certainly to UCSB and UCI. Include them on your application as back-up choices.

Good luck.