do i need to title my supplement essay?

do i need to title my supplement essay?
i am applying to a university, and i have to write an essay on why i chose their school. i finished the essay but didn’t know if i should title it or not.
what should i do?

Sienna is correct.

I am a writer who has written hundreds of articles and several essays. Every one of them had a title. It is the title that tells the main theme of the article or essay and draws the readers attention to it. One tip: articles tend to have titles that are a bit more attention grabbing, whereas essay titles are more appropriately toned done to reflect the subject of the essay. Examples:

Title for an article on supplements: “These Supplements Could Heal What Ails You”

Title for an essay on supplements: “Supplements Which May Have Healing Properties”

And then there is the title for a health scam; “Miracle Acai Capsules Cure Cancer, Baldness and Obesity – Get Your Free Trial Now!”

(sorry, couldn’t resist that last one)