do scholarship essays have to be personal?

do scholarship essays have to be personal?
its a general scholarship and not specified for any field so i am having a hard time starting out my essay. do i talk about job experience? is it okay to say your signing up for scholarship to avoid pulling loans?

As a rule, a scholarship essay should be personal because this is the way you get to give the scholarship committee a picture of who you are and why you are a better choice than the other applicants. Chances are, everyone who applies will have good grades, so what the committee is really looking for is the student who is the most deserving and who seems the most likely to be a success.

As for what to write about….tell them a story about what makes you unique. What are your goals? What has happened in your life that made you choose that goal? What have you done so far that shows you’re serious about that goal? How will going to college help you achieve it?

It’s okay to say that you’re applying for a scholarship to avoid taking loans, but it’s not a great idea. The scholarship committee already knows that, so why waste your limited space stating the obvious, when you could use it to give more information about why they should invest in you instead of someone else.

There are many scholarship hunting guides available at bookstores and the library that give examples of good and bad essays. If you’re serious about getting scholarship money, it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of them and study the techniques they talk about.