do you have ideas on how to make your high school better?

do you have ideas on how to make your high school better?
I was just wondering what ideas you can come up with, also I need to write an essay on this topic, please provide why your idea would improve your school((:

If the school was interconnected with the internet, the students resources would become unlimited. What I mean by that is, have every student bring a laptop to school. Make every class have internet access so the students could connect to do research. The teachers could publish the notes after class on the school’s intranet so the students could download them as well. The high school I went to 10 years ago did something very similar to this and it shows now that the students who participated in this program had a higher percentage of continuing with a higher education and subsequently are taking advantage of the statistics of higher education such as making more money, having more stability and students who graduate from college are less likely to be involved in crime. I’m writing my thesis paper for my PhD on this subject as well.