Do you know how long an explanation needs to be?

Do you know how long an explanation needs to be?
Like an essay with fie paragraphs or something? Or a list? We’re doing it on rainbows. I’ve done researching and everything and I;ve asked my teacher. She said just to read and it doesnt say how long its suppose to be. So yeah, how long? (& no, NOT a LETTER of explanation just an explanation) Please help! It’s due Wednesday and I don’t want to be a procrastinater! (I can’t do it tomorrow because my brother has a basketball game far away)

Here’s the directions:

-Do some research to find out about rainbows. Talk to someone if you need help to understand.
-Write a plan that includes the important things you need to mention.
-Draft your explanation following the same stages in the previous activity (dont know how). Keep it simple-dont include every single detail.
-Read through your explanation as you go to make sure it is clear and makes sense.
-Give it to someone else to read when you finish your draft. Make changes if they did not understand something or if you left out important information.
-Proofread for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
-Write your explanation out properly and draw a picture to go with it.

ex. 4 paragraphs/a list/ 1 paragraph

Okay, begin with a list of the important details (what they are, how caused, colors, shape, refraction of light, whatever).

Chose three or four important details–the ones you can support the best.

Draft an introduction followed by brief information sections covering the important details.

I wouldn’t make this an essay, but perhaps an introduction (hook the reader), one body (explanations) and one concluding paragraph to meet your teachers extremely open and somewhat bizarre assignment.

Take the work with you for the trip to bro’s game—use the time to draft the list.

The illustration requirement is confusing–does she want it to be about the refraction of light causing the colors of the rainbow? or the effect on the arc?

One list/three paragraphs max. should be ample length.