Do you think the driving age should be rasied to 18? Why?

Do you think the driving age should be rasied to 18? Why?
Im doing an essay..
I am planning on tieing in drunk driving into this essay is that a good idea?

Absolutely NOT
You’ll hear the line of how “Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year olds.” That’s a skewed statistic, what else is more likely to cause death in a teenager? Most 16 year olds don’t get cancer, or die from a heart attack. The argument is used to try and deny teens the privilege of driving. Most 15 – 20 year olds drive safely and never have any problems. There is no legitimate argument that raising the driving age will do anything. Sure the numbers will go down, only because you’ve changed the input. Statistically the number of deaths will probably stay the same.
How are you planning on tieing drunk driving into this? If it’s illegal to drink at 16 and you make it illegal to drive at 16, what’s to stop the 16 year old from breaking 3 laws; it’s still illegal to drink and drive. All you are doing is punishing the 16 year old that has to drive to his after-school job so he can put food in his families mouth.
No, there is no legitimate reason to punish the teens who follow all the rules, because a few can’t or a few get hurt. You need to ask yourself; what would raising the driving age do to those that aren’t getting hurt or dead, the millions of people it would affect? So, affect thousands or MILLIONS. Which is better.
Think of something you enjoy doing, let’s say skateboarding. What would you do if it was decided that skateboarding was to unsafe to play and that no one under 25 could skate. I mean, after all, there are allot of kids injured riding skateboards every year, think of how many injury free kids we would have. That’s the same argument used to raise the driving age.
So, instead of going at the problem thinking: I’m going to save 4000 teen lives; go at it thinking how are the other million teens going to get to work so they can eat.