Doctor advice please?

Doctor advice please?
I’m 14 years old and a freshman in highschool. I really want to become either an internal medicine doctor or an emergency room doctor. I really love helping people an seeing how things work. I kind of got inspired by scrubs the tv show. but I’ve wanted to be a doctor for quite some time. what are the steps that I’m going to have to take to become a doctor??

First off you should know that getting into a med school in the U.S is very competitive, you will need good grades, a high score on the MCAT, and extracurriculars.
1) take AP classed in high school and get good marks
2) while in high school feed some homeless people and volunteer wiping old peoples butts at a nursing home or something similar.
3) Go to a decent university and instead of taking the regular 12 credit hour semesters take at least 15 hrs with a focus on science until you graduate.
4) while in university continue wiping old ppl butt and feeding homeless, but now you must also become an officer in some type of student club at the university. Through this club you should organize activities like having your entire club go wash old ppl butt. (this shows leadership)
5) take the MCAT and do well
6) write 20 pages worth of essays and apply to all the med schools you want to get into.
7) write another 40 pages of essays on those med schools secondary applications.
8) interview with med schools
9) get into med school
10) finish med school in 4 yrs take boards do residincy and be your own Doctor 11 yrs after high school
1) do decent in high school
2) take a few basic pre reqs and apply to a Caribbean med school and be done in 3 years. take boards, do residincy and be your own doctor in a total of 7 yrs after high school