Doctor’s Advice Pleeeaasseee?

Doctor’s Advice Pleeeaasseee?
I’m going into 11th grade and i really have a passion for helping people. ever since i could remember my mom would put on the show Trauma it used to air on tlc it was a real show too with real doctors. I really want to become an ER doctor. I have a 3.65 gpa and will for sure raise it to a 3.8-3.9 by the end of my junior year. And i have a so many things to talk about in my college essay. I went through so much in my life and overcame so many obstacles, obstacles that not only made me appreciate life but let me grow as a person as well. There’s a problem though my hands are a little bit shaky. I don’t want this to hold me back from my dream. What can i do to get into a good med school and ultimately become an ER doctor.

And there are so many more oppurtunities i am blessed with in life that could give me much more money than an ER doctor’s salary, but I really want to be an ER doctor and helping people is my passion and fixing someone’s life and having them just smile and say thank you is worth more than any amount of money 🙂

It is not something to look at it emotionally, you should be more logical, it is a very important decision to make, going to med school. I bet you have not been in close relationship with med students unless you might have hated their lives, it is not just a game, it would be your whole future and career. there are many many different ways you can help people and receive that smile; by starting medicine, it wouldn’t be so easy to quit it because you have tried a lot to get to it and you always think it is worth it to continue. you will have to study extremely hard textbooks and memorize millions of difficult names and keep them in your in hand memory forever!you will have to study for at least 10 years at university and hospital to be an ER. you will have to “dedicate” your whole time and energy and life to sick people, it is not easy to make such a great decision only after watching a movie or …, think about it like an adult, consult medical students, and see their real life.
After all these, if you still decide to study med, it would be great because you have enthusiasm and insight about what you are doing, your GPA is very good and you should take all the advices in the previous answer into account carefully.
Good luck