Double spaced looks to spaced?

Double spaced looks to spaced?
So i double spaced my essay and put it on font size 12 like the directrions said but it looks way to spaced between the lines is this normal?Im on microsoft word and the little capitol i looking thing that your mouse becomes can fit about 1.5 times between each line is that right?

Yes, that is correct. It does look odd if you’re not used to it, but remember that there is the spacing above and below each print line as well to provide a gap in between. You can look at it like this: The double spacing basically places an invisible print line as a spacer which has the same gaps above and below the print. If you take your cursor and see how it fits on single spaced print lines with the spacing above and below it to the other print lines then see how it sizes up in between the double spaced print lines, you’ll see that it has the same gap spacing above and below, it just looks odd.

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