Easy Essay Question??????????????????????????

Easy Essay Question??????????????????????????
I am currently in year 10 and totally forget how long a introduction should be and how long a conclusion would be. thanks heaps

This is when you state what your essay is about, and if writing and contrasting between novels, stating the name of the novels and their authors. Say what your points are in brief, before explaining thoroughly in your separate paragraphs.
An effective way to start would be with a quote, rhetorical question, or a sentence relating the reader to your essay.
Opening sentence.
State what your essay is about
State resources (e.g. novels or poems)
Explain in brief how you’re going to write about the topic
Have a good flowing sentence to lead on to your first main paragraph.

This usually ends the essay, but may leave the readers something to think about which is very effective and gets you higher marks. Again, briefly explain the points you have made again, and if writing a persuasive essay, state again what you stand with. State the name of your texts.
In conclusion… (or something similar– you may use a rhetorical question if needed, especially effective with persuasive essays)
State resources
State your points
State your opinion (if it’s a persuasive essay)
Leave a message and / or question with the reader.

Generally 6-10+ lines on the computer

Generally 8-12+ lines on the computer

Hope this helps! 🙂