Education system question. I need some pointers.?

Education system question. I need some pointers.?
Hey everyone Im having an issue finding information on specialty programs that are locally funded. Can anyone give me some info. i need it for a class. The question is as follows. thanks

Write a historical perspective about public education in the United States to include Pre-K to 12th grade and the varying specialty programs funded through local, state, and federal programs, i.e., “Entitlement Programs.”

Is this a let me google this for you? Google Title 1 and special ed individualized transition plan.

Sort answer, many kids have been coded since 1970 as learning disabled. Dyslexia, and Attention Deficit disorders. More kids coded, more help is needed to integrate them.

Federal funding for special education

According to a CSEF report Special education enrollments and expenditures have been growing steadily since the implementation of the IDEA in 1975. The enrollments and identification of special education students has increased faster than the rate of the overall student population.Special education expenditures have demonstrated steady increases paralleling and likely caused by this steady, uninterrupted growth in enrollments. Based on 1999-2000 data from the national SEEP, the 50 states and the District of Columbia spent approximately $50 billion on special education services alone, and $78.3 billion on all educational services required to educate students with disabilities amounting to $8,080 per special education student.

Part B of IDEA originally authorized Congress to contribute up to 40 percent of the national average per pupil expenditure for each special education student.A 2003 study by SEEP, now the Center for Special Education Finance, determined that the per pupil expenditures for special education range from a low of $10,558 for students with specific learning disabilities to a high of $20,095 for students with multiple disabilities. According to the SEEP study, expenditures for students with specific learning disabilities were 1.6 times the expenditure for a regular education student, whereas expenditures for students with multiple disabilities were 3.1 times higher. Most states, in turn, have failed to make up the gap in federal funding.

The total spending to educate students with disabilities, including regular education and special education, represents 21.4% of the $360.6 billion total spending on elementary and secondary education in the United States. Based on 1999-2000 school-year data, the total expenditure to educate the average student with disabilities is an estimated 1.90 times that expended to educate the typical regular education student with no special needs.

Read about state Funding Systems at the link below. Does that help? I managed a group home, and am glad the mainstream movement happened, previously people with mental retardation were put in an institution. I met people in 1994 who were sixty years old and as children were locked up away from their families and drugged and had fire-hoses turned on them for showers. You might want to make reference in your essay as to how far the system has come to be more humane to people with special needs.