End of the school year essay! PLEASE HELPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

End of the school year essay! PLEASE HELPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Okay, so i am totally stressing out on my end of the school year essay. i am just supposed to include what i learned, my dreams, goals, what i should improve on, etc. I was going to start my essay by saying how quickly ths year went by. This is what i have so far:

Knowing that it is already June is a very implausible kind of thought. This year felt like it flashed before my eyes;

I dont know what to say after the semi colon! Please help!

Many of my expectations were exceeded by my hard work and dillegent behavior. I accomplished my major goal for seventh grade; earning straight A’s, by not procrasinating on assignments, and turning all of my homework in on time. I think my writing skills have improved significantly this year, as well as my mathematical skills.

What would you write next? Thanks. Please, please, please help. 15 POINTSS .

Why don’t you use an extended metaphor throughout the essay?

Here’s an example: You could talk about the classroom as a boat. The captain (teacher) lowered the gang-plank, but all the passengers (students) had to make the choice to get on the boat. The captain charted a course through the year and the passengers didn’t sit idly by; they became deck hands and were soon helping to direct the boat’s course. You could talk about a life preserver the teacher offered (an extended deadline, one-on-one tutoring, grading on a curve, extra help, etc.) and you could talk about what kept you from going “overboard.”

Good luck!