English Descriptive Essay HELP PLZZ!!!?

English Descriptive Essay HELP PLZZ!!!?
So I am writing a descriptive essay about a medieval soldier marching to war, i just want to imply how this knight is looking at things negatively and how he s scared and stuff.. so can anyone give me some good lines to say that would fit in with a descriptive essay.. I would really really appreciate it, try to make the lines appeal to the five senses please.

So an descriptive essay means you have to describe something, obviosuly. Just thought I’d throw it out there. 😉
If you want to describe the negativity that lingers around the soldier, try using sentences like, “The sky is a dull gray, not adding any color to the muddy trenches, or dark green uniforms everyone is wearing.”
SOMETHING like that… 😛
If you want to make things negative, use “not” and “dont” a lot. Describe dull colors, moods, landscape, shouting, blood, etc.
You know, everything is dark, everyone is screaming, rats everywhere, trenches are cold and muddy, other soldiers are wounded, some have trench foot… maybe you want to talk about the soldier’s/knight’s thoughts. Like, he’s never gonna see his family again.. stuff like that.

Good Luck! 😉