english essay…WHO AM I?

english essay…WHO AM I?
hey, i have to write an essay entitled “who am i?” for english, about race and cultural identity. Because Im a big mix of everything i apparently have to talk about each race that i belong to, and then decide which i am most loyal. Please help me decide which one i should say im most loyal to, as both cultures are a big part of my life and i can’t decide….
Im english: well, im not technically, but ive lived in london nearly all my life and i feel quite patriotic towards england. I love all the typically english things, like red buses and the bustle of london.

Im spanish: My mums spanish. Im catholic and very religious. I can speak spanish fluently and im very interested in my spanish heritage. I have loooads of spanish middle names, theresa, maria and rosa to name a few. Our family put a great stress on extended family, which is typically spanish, so our house is usually filled with a few aunties or cousins. I stay in spain alternate summers. I was born in seville. Spanish culture is more of a daily way of life for me as i speak spanish at home, and I see my spanish relatives every day.

Im roma: This is the one im most worried about writing, as ive faced a lot of descrimination about this. My dad is romani, which means that his family are roma gypsy. Romani gypsy as actually a race, so most of my dads family dont live in caravans yet they are still roma. I LOVE staying in the caravans though, and love roma music. I follow the romani laws, “marime” about purity. I am part of a romani “society”. Its hard to explain “romanipe” but its sort of….roma culture, or spirit. something thats an essance of you but also the life you lead, and that sort of sums up my feelings towards my dad’s side.

So yeah… what do you think? which do you think would be the most interesting to read about, or which, if you can tell from this, do you think im most pasionate about. PLEASE dont be horrible about the roma side, we dont all steal or whatever, and its more of an ethnic thing than whether you live in a caravan.

What a great sense of family heritage you have! This is great material for an essay. I agree that you shouldn’t have to choose between the sides of your family. You should include both! What have you here is great. A few suggestions for writing essays in general would be to make sure that you include lots of sensory details and events that are particular to only you. I am sure you will write a rich essay and you should definitely include the fact that you have these two sides. Good luck on your essay.