English Essays – I just can’t do them?

English Essays – I just can’t do them?
Without tooting my own horn, I’m a pretty intelligent guy.

For subjects like Calculus, Economics, Physics etc I can easily make the top grades, but something just baffles me with English.

Its not so much the essay writing (I can write a perfect Economic essay for example) the whole subject just seems like crap to me and I just can’t crack it.

“Analyse how a character is developed in a visual text you have studied” is the question I’m currently trying to answer in my study. (The text is Slumdog Millionaire)

I dunno. I just can’t answer them no matter how hard I try or how much study I put in.

My sister tells me that one day my brain will just “click” and I’ll understand it. But I just don’t. I can’t write these bloody things.


Either of these two books will help you:

“How to Read Novels Like a Professor: A Jaunty Exploration of the World’s Favorite Literary Form” by Thomas C. Foster…

“How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines” by Thomas C. Foster…

My 17yo son sounds a lot like you, and he found them really helpful. Look for them in your local library.

Good luck.