English Exploratory Writing? Help!!?

English Exploratory Writing? Help!!?
Im taking an english course and one of the HW assignments is to read short stories..But then she said she wants us to do an Exploratory Writing after each story you read. What does this mean? do i need to write about what I have just read?

Here’s a link, this should help you. It’s not so much a formal paper, just kind of a paper that shows you not only read the material, but that you were thinking about what you were reading while you were doing it. Know what I mean? How many times have you read an assignment only to find that you aren’t even really paying attention to the reading. I know I do it all of the time. One of my teachers explained this kind of writing assignment as a way for her to just see what kinds of thoughts/ideas or feelings the reading provoked in each of us.
Good luck.…