English Help! 10pts to best answer! ?

English Help! 10pts to best answer! ?
So i have to do a synthesis essay.
What is a synthesis essay?
and how would i start off the introduction?
i have to do it for amy tan’s rules of the game and the book Siddhartha.

please help!

You should follow the listed essay tips for a good essay:

– Essay introduction:

• Contains a thesis statement that is focus of synthesis.

• Information about the texts to be analyzed. Give the title of each source; provide the name of author for each source; provide relevant background about the authors and about the texts to be evaluated.

– The body:

• The beginning of each paragraph should inform readers of the theme of the paragraph.

• Incorporate ideas from different sources;

• Various sources of material should be differentiated and highlighted with in-text citations.

• Quote all the similarities and the differences between the different sources.

– Conclusion:

• The conclusion should summarize the most significant ideas discussed in the paper and their relation with your thesis.