essay help.?

essay help.?
I have to write an essay (its part of my acceptance to the University i chose) and i completely forgot how to write one. I know there is an Introduction, 1,2,3, paragraph & Conclusion. But what i forgot is how to write the Introduction. I would greatly appreciate it.

Dear Beauty,

As Josh says, an introduction informs the reader what you intend to write. It can give an idea of how you think of your subject.

First you have to decide what subject you are going to cover. Sometimes it is helpful to write the body of the essay before attempting the introduction. It will certainly help with the conclusion.

The Army taught me the following about how to teach. It also applies to writing an essay:
1. Tell ’em what you’re going to tell ’em.
2. Tell ’em.
3. Tell ’em what you told them.

Good luck

Tiger Toy