Essay help! Can you revise and Grade this essay! ( Yeah I know my grammar and punctuation is off)?

Essay help! Can you revise and Grade this essay! ( Yeah I know my grammar and punctuation is off)?
Comparing The I have a dream speech to / with The play A raisin in the the sun

Black People or people from African amercian decent had very little to no freedom back in the 1950’s – 60’s living in America a country where ever one is suppose to be free, and everyone wasn’t many people of this background often wondered why they were treated differently solely based on skin color. many African americans or “******” as they would call it back then faught for cuvil rights.

If one computer is black and one is Grey, I doesn’t mean on is better than the other, or if two of the same cars but 1 is red and one is pink, their still from the same line of cars so Just because your black doesn’t exclude you from being American , therefore in the constitution these African Americans were entitled civil rights.

A famous Civil rights leader around this time name Dr. martin luther King Junior, bringing him up reminds me of the other part of this essay the book a raisin in the sun done by Lorraine hansberry. This book had a black family living in these troubled times, Families like this one broke barriers for today’s black people.. and why? is because they had a Dream.. or a goal.Dr. Martin luther King also had a dream or a goal. SO my question to you is , Can you have a Dream or a goal on different levels meaning individually but Reach each other dreams at the same time?

Dr. martin Luther king had a dream for his whole race, he wanted so that people can live in freedom, where black people and white people can live together in harmony, although today it is more than okay with that most places way back when this was an outrage, It brings me to the time in A raisin int he sun where th family was moving into clabourne Park a ALL WHITE neighborhood, Believe it or not the community was going to give them money to NOT move into the neighborhood, King wanted it so that this was possible and nothing like what happened here happens everywhere, he was on a quest to change people’s way of thinking and So was this families

Each Member of the family in the book a raisin in the sun had their own personal dreams,
Walter lee, wants to run a business, that is hard for a man of color, at this time. Benethia has a dream to be a doctor, which is even worst because not on;y she black she is a woman, they where also limited rights because they we considered as a sub species. the mom and Ruth kind of have similar dreams in having a secure home and place for the family. As Martin Luther king wasn’t clear if he had a personal dream but he had put his entire race in front of himself, no one did this in a raisin in the sun but some how each character and Martin Luther king had a common dream.. Living comfortably. this is what Martin Luther King was fighting for. for each black family to have to opportunity to live Comfortable So TO answer my question is YES people can have personal goals but some how, It could be a common goal for a number of people.

Your thoughts are good, but your essay has many, many errors — punctuation, spelling, sentence structure. It would have to be completely re-written to correct it and it’s far too long to do that.

Why don’t you make as many corrections as you can. Here are some hints:

1) People’s first and last names are capitalized
2) Each sentence should contain one thought and must include at least one noun and one verb.
3) Put a period at the end of each sentence.

After that is done, you should re-submit it.