Essay help in US history?

Essay help in US history?
From 1600-1763, several European nations vied for control of the North American continent. Why did England win the struggle? I have to write an essay and need specific factual information. Thanks!

Hearts and Minds, I would suggest a look into the life and times of Thomas Penn, he more than any other of the time will show how the founders of the colonies in New England were from England and closely associated to the Crown and its Parliament right up until the Revolutionary War. They were our first sponsors if you will; sending solders and supplies to the Colonies to defend their investment from other Countries. You will also see the currency of the era, what of it there was, was that of England far above other countries because the colonies traded goods with them. Now, if a “Colony’ is defined as a part of a whole, or a satellite under the control and support of a greater power, than it explains why so many immigrants of the time, believed that they were apart of England and subject to the laws, taxes and judgment of England’s King James and or William during this time. Look it up.