Essay help on “My Antonia” by Willa Cather ?

Essay help on “My Antonia” by Willa Cather ?
I’m writing an essay about how Antonia is truly the only one that succeeds of the children she grew up with (Tiny, Lena, Jim)

Jim is successful but has an insatiable longing for the west and doesn’t love his wife.
Lena is successful, but it is only her money that is respected. She also never married or had children, meaning she never experienced love or consistency
Tiny is successful but becomes enslaved to money and always wants more; she is never satisfied. It’s the only thing that is meaningful in her life, which keeps her from ever falling in love or settling down.

Antonia has what they don’t: family! But I need help on how to start my paper…all I have so far is a thesis:

While American society measures success through becoming something that is both respectable and prosperous, Cather reveals that this definition is inaccurate by showing how empty and unfulfilled the characters who meet this standard are.

Any help would be great! Essay is due Friday :/

I wrote an essay about My Antonia back in the 7th grade, I’ll see if I remember some parts of it.

Antonia, as a child, was a quick learner, independent, and strong-willed. She had potential for a great future, but when her father commits suicide, she must put everything on hold to take care of her family. Though she suffers through a few bad years, Antonia still held on to her morals. She truly understood pioneer values, and the most important thing to her wasn’t money or power, etc, she just wanted her life to be meaningful and happy. When she is married, finally, Jim goes back to visit her. Antonia isn’t what you call rich, but she has a great relationship with her husband, all her children love her, and her life is eventful and fulfilling.

I hope that helped (somewhat)