essay help (penn foster)?

essay help (penn foster)?
Ok, I have to wright an essay and I dont know where to start! I’m so confused! Can someone plz help me?!!

When composing your essay, remeber to

-choose a topic from your personal knowledge and experience
-write 3-10 pages
-write in your own words from your perspective or point of view
-capture your readers attention with an interesting introductory paragraph
-use spacifc exaples to show what you mean
-use concrete or vivid words
-use complete sentences as well as vary your sentence length and structure
-use fully developed paragraphs where each paragraph has only one main idea with enough supporting detailsto develop that idea clearly and ligically

Plz plz HELP!!

First, choose your topic, and to write a lot of pages, you need to know a lot about it. Try something that really means a lot to you. Is it a sport, like roller blading or basketball? Do you like to sew or cook or do gardening? Are you really enthused about a certain kind of pet or do you collect something?

You want to start your introduction so that you let your reader know immediately what your entire essay covers:

“The most delightful experience in the world is owning a cat.”

“Gardening is a terrific pasttime because the benefits are enormous.”

“Almost everyone in the world loves basketball, because it is fast and action-packed.”

Write a couple of sentences to elaborate on that introductory sentence, telling why this topic is special to you.

Then, you’re going to need a good long paragraph explaining what kind of equipment, tools, or other things you need to participate in that hobby or occupation or sport. You might say something like:

“A cat owner needs to purchase a few things to make a cat happy and contented. First, she’ll need a bed of her own, but don’t be surprised if your cat sleeps in your favorite rocker instead.” And then continue.

Or, “A gardener needs, first of all to have a plot of soil. This might just be a rectangle in front of the house for flowers, or it could be a huge plot in the back yard for vegetables.” Then go on to explain the tools a gardener would use and what they are for.

The body of your paper tells several paragraphs of details. If about gardening, tell about the different flowers or plants, how to plant and care for them, how long different ones take to grow, etc. If it is about a pet, tell details about what wonderful things the animal can do. Tell about the downside, too. Does it scratch up the furniture, have “accidents” that leave a mess, or leave your clothes covered with hair?

You can write a really good essay if you stick to something that excites you. The very end of your paper needs good concluding sentences, such as:

“Basketball is fun for everybody. Some just play pickup games in the park or the driveway. Some play all the way through grade school, middle school, high school and college. Others just watch and cheer the players on, but we all love it.”