Essay help: Why should cell phones be banned in public areas?

Essay help: Why should cell phones be banned in public areas?
I need to write a persuasive essay on the above topic in class tomorrow and I honestly cant think of any good ideas on why. One of my topic is going to be that it acts as an annoyance to others. Could you also tell me reasons on why it acts as an annoyance to others along with another topic. And please elaborate on that topic as well. For ex, Cell phones should be banned because _______. Then explain why that is. Thanks!

In airplanes and hospitals, cell phones can interfere with the functioning of delicate instruments, a serious consideration. Many states have banned cell use while driving, citing a relationship between phones and traffic accidents. A 1997 “New England Journal of Medicine” study found that talking on a phone while driving quadrupled the risk of an accident, nearly equal to the danger from driving drunk.

Many people go to places such as libraries specifically to focus and do work. Others attend church or religious services for time to worship and reflect. People who use their “cell yell” in such a setting distract others. When they have paid for a nice (or even a not-so-nice) restaurant meal, restaurant-goers feel entitled to soft conversation and a relaxed atmosphere in which to unwind. Some cell phone chatter remains inappropriate for anyone to overhear, especially young children.

Often cell phone users will multitask, attempting to carry on a conversation while using an ATM, driving or completing a store transaction. Their divided attention becomes an obstruction to the cashier and an inconvenience to those behind them, who must wait longer.…