Essay Introduction help- 15-20 points?

Essay Introduction help- 15-20 points?
Hi for my english homework i have to right an essay titled “How does Jane and Mr Rochester’s relationship develop through the novel Jane Eyre ?” Its around 1,000 words maybe a few hundred more. But anyway I need help on the introduction , I have everything else planned out – like how it changed , key momments, quotes etc but I’m just not sure how to start it and i was wondering if anyone could help. I’m not gonna copy word for word but I just need a base or somewhere to start as I’m terrible at Introductions. :/
Thanks alot 🙂

“The relationship between Jane and Mr.Rochester is one of the core elements of Bronte’s “Jane Eye’ as it is a crucial part of Jane’s transformation from a shy, abused child to a strong young woman with principles. While the stronger aspects of Jane’s character are visible throughout the novel, it is her relationship with Mr. Rochester that exposes the absolute strength of her beliefs, conscience and convictions. The relationship by itself develops in bits and pieces with each bit contributing to the story until it reaches the stage of no return for both of them. In understanding the development of the story as well as Jane’s character, it is crucial to trace the path of her relationship with Mr. Rochester and the role of each incident in the development of the relationship”.

Not sure if this helps you, sorry. Best I can do. Its 3 am here and I don;t know what I am writing but hopefully this will help a bit.