Essay on leadership?? Please help!?

Essay on leadership?? Please help!?
I need to write an essay titled “How have you demonstrated leadership qualities”. I’m kinda confused how to structure this essay and what to put in it. Would it be like
First paragraph : what are leadership qualities, then a paragraph for each quality and then a kind of conclusion type thing?? There is no word limit. And if I write a paragraph about each quality what would I put in it??
Please help!

Your going to want to tell what your leadership skills are in your introduction paragraph; focus on 3 or 4. For each skill, write a body paragraph on how you demonstrate that skill. Include stories on how you have displayed those qualities in your life and what responses you get from demonstrating those qualities as well as how they have made a difference.

***Keep in mind that when you start your introduction paragraph, don’t start out with a piece of information that everyone knows. For Example, “All good leaders have skills.” A sentence like that will make your reader fall asleep. Start off with a short story, or a quote, maybe even a statistic. The most important part of writing a successfull essay is getting your readers attention within the first couple of sentence. Your thesis sentence (which states the leadership qualities you discuss) should be at the end of your introduction.

*Conclusions can be tricky. You will also want to write a hook as the last sentence of your paper: a quote, a joke, an interesting fact. Make sure your conclusion isn’t a summary. Instead, make it something intellectually stimulating; perhaps you can explain how possessing leadership qualities brings you positive outcomes. It’s always good to throw in some new information in the conclusion so your reader isnt bored.